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Best Cover Story Wins 3,000 Dollars

The blogger that writes the best cover story about the launch of ArticleMe.com will win $3,000 in the ArticleMe launch contest.

Fredericksburg, Virginia – This week ArticleMe.com which is a content marketplace for writers to sell article content for websites and publications launched with an offer to award $3,000 to the blogger who writes the best cover story about the site’s opening.

Levi Thornton founder of ArticleMe said “The online community has been needing a service like this for a long time”. He continued with “Our proprietary technology allows writers to not worry about their content being stolen, and buyers have our guarantee that the content is unique”.

When the site opened on March 15th it launched a contest with an open offer to anyone who owns or publishes to a blog to write about the site’s services on his or her blog. The writer with the best cover story will win $3,000 USD.

Participants will need to visit http://www.ArticleMe.com/LaunchCoverStory after publishing their work and submit a link to their story to qualify for the contest.

Later in the year ArticleMe staff will announce the winner, and feature the writer on the front page of the site.

About the company
ArticleMe is a new type of site that offers an open marketplace for writers to sell written content online without the fear of their work being stolen before receiving payment. They also provide buyers the opportunity to review written content before buying and a system insures the content is plagiarism free.

The site’s services are free for writers to list their content without spending money. ArticleMe charges a 30% success fee when content is sold while handling collection of payment from the buyer.

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